Absolutely free forum rank sets!

Free Forum Ranks is a resource blog that was founded in September 2013 in the hopes of establishing the ultimate resource for forum rank sets. As a proud member of the Camert Network, the contributors to Free Forum Ranks have tediously worked to provide quality ranks absolutely free. The founder of Free Forum Ranks, Cameron, has been designing rank sets since 2011. Before Free Forum Ranks, he would post his rank sets on graphic databases on design forums, but as he improved, he decided to take things to a larger scale.  With this new found goal, Cameron began  developing Free Forum Ranks with a little bit of behind the scenes work in the summer of 2013. A lot of things have changed since Cameron’s days of playing around with GIMP, but his passion remains the same. As always, we are thankful for your support, and we plan to continue providing free forum rank sets long into the future.

On the 27th of November, Gray took over as the owner and has since been uploading new ranks for you all to enjoy.

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  1. Max Pen says:

    Keep up the good work!

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